Part of this surprising goal is to find all my favorite places for home decor

2021-11-12 09:12:02 By : Mr. Jeff Lu

Every aisle in Target is full of hidden shopping treasures. There are some tricks that help master the art of Target's running, but I discovered a trick myself. If you are willing to broaden your home furnishing horizons, there is an amazing place in the store (and online) filled with budget-friendly and interesting pieces.

Drive your bright red trolley directly to the children's home decoration area, because Target's Pillowfort collection contains countless essentials for every room of the house. As an unofficial expert on everything at Target, I am very happy to tell you that Pillowfort's home accessories collection is child-friendly, but still stylish enough for adults (aka me) who want to make their space vibrant.

Buying new furniture and home accessories is not necessarily fun. As a person who likes vibrant and bright decorations, it is often difficult for me to find items that suit my mood. Thanks to Pillowfort, I was able to make my home feel more like a real home.

Target changes its collection every season, but currently Pillowfort products are colorful bohemian-style items. It is especially difficult for me to choose between affordable storage options, shag carpets covered with geometric prints, and wall decorations such as this round mirror with pom-poms. Although I have purchased previous Pillowfort lamps for almost all surfaces in my home, I also considered making room for this square leopard lamp.

Some of the other most popular products at the moment include comfortable striped pillows, fruit shower curtains that can invigorate any bathroom, wooden hexagonal shelves with soft colors, and this brightly colored pillow. Pillowfort products start at only $5, but some products, such as this natural rattan floor lamp and this modern bedside table, are more expensive.

According to comments from some Target customers, I am not the only shopper who swears by this hacker. For one critic, the natural rattan floor lamp became an essential home office product, he wrote: "I like that you can dim it. The artificial wood grain on the pole and base [is] very subtle and practical The rattan lampshade is beautiful and beautiful. It is well made."

Another shopper shared their recognition of the very popular modern metal table lamp, which is currently only available in blue online. "It's beautiful and well-made. It's sturdy and well-packed. They exceed my expectations and I can't be happier. They are much bigger and stronger than the lamps we used to put on the bedside table," Goal Shared by reviewers.

Scroll through some of the many chic items currently available in Pillowfort below. Just don’t forget to find your own favorites on

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