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2021-11-12 09:01:19 By : Mr. Jonathan Bian

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The popular rattan has nowhere to go in autumn or winter

When the dark and gloomy winter comes, it is not always easy to shine. However, although the outside world may not have sunlight, the correct lighting can ensure that your home remains a warm and pleasant haven throughout the year.

If you are considering giving your product a new look, you should know that your choice has come a long way since the era of basic shades and the spotlight. Creative shapes and sizes, oversized bulbs, unexpected locations, and bold metal finishes can all elevate monotonous ordinary functions into a work that you can be proud of.

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Modern lighting not only looks great-it can also determine the atmosphere in the space (hey, they call it mood lighting for a reason). Think of the pendant you have carefully hung on the most elegant dining table, or the dimly lit wall lamps on either side of your comfortable king-size bed. A new desk lamp can help you focus in the home office, or an interesting floor lamp in the living room can provide the right level of lighting for watching the latest Netflix TV series.

There are many lighting shops on the Internet, but few offer as plentiful (sorry) options as MADE.COM. This online furniture store has quickly become the country's first choice for any stylish home upgrade-from sofas to clever storage-but its lighting options are truly second to none, offering everything from strong minimalism to minimalism at an amazing price. All prices in Kandi style.

Many of its designs were conceived by MADE Studio's talented in-house design team, but the brand has also collaborated with award-winning designers such as Magnus Pettersen to expand its scope to more interesting and creative areas.

If you feel inspired, we have good news-now is the best time to buy its products, because the retailer is currently offering a 20% discount on selected products before October 24. To help you fill up your virtual shopping cart, we have reduced some of our favorites from the lineup below.

Of course, you have seen chandeliers before, but we bet they are not as beautiful as they are now. The combination of brushed brass and smoked glass gives MADE.COM's Verona retro style, which can be used almost anywhere in the home, from making a statement in the hallway to decorating the bedroom in the most beautiful way. In addition, the LED bulbs in its tubes are more efficient than similar products, so you hardly need to replace them.

We are all working from home more than ever before. If you find that your designated home office location is getting darker and sooner now, Ondene lights will help you. Its luxurious curves and marble base will make you feel like typing in a corner of a charming hotel rather than a bedroom, and on a practical level, its 39 cm height means it can tower high and effectively illuminate most screens, too.

Illaria comes in two colors-a trio of soft gemstone tones and the new urban ice cream style black, pink and cream that we also love. Even when closed, this style will bring more joy to your home, thanks to its pleasant tones and textured glass, when you press the switch, the light will dance around the room.

When you want your lights to speak softly instead of yelling, take a look at Magnus Pettersen's original discreet but still very chic Folio series. This abstract wall light will complement the space above the entrance passage, dressing table or niche, but in fact it can be seamlessly inserted wherever you want to install it. If you like this style but are looking for something bigger, there is also a Folio ceiling lamp and a Folio chandelier.

Hollywood? No, it's just your usual 2 bed terrace, but the antique atmosphere and striking shape of the Chicago lamp will fool visitors. The unique gold leaf diffuser inside and outside of this table lamp creates a particularly comfortable surrounding light, which will be very cute in the living room when it enters in the cold night.

Beach rattan is not only suitable for summer-introducing natural textures and neutral tones is an ideal way to make your environment feel comfortable and grounded throughout the year. We really like the two-layer shape of the woven Java pendant, and it is very simple to install, without having to ask an electrician to connect the wires to your ceiling.

Don’t neglect your appearance when completing lighting renovation tasks. With its smooth bronze finish and unique rib details, Penate is a timeless addition to your back garden or front porch. No need to fumble for keys at the door-let this little beauty light your way (less than £40, this is a smarter investment idea than ever before).

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The popular rattan has nowhere to go in autumn or winter

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