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Millions of women rely on her advice every day; now Merhi brings her star brand into achievable luxury lighting

The new light plus inspires me! Farah Merhi's home decoration lighting series includes Valentina Gold and crystal chandeliers, which is a luxurious statement piece. (Photo: Business Wire

The new light plus inspires me! Farah Merhi's home decoration lighting series includes Valentina Gold and crystal chandeliers, which is a luxurious statement piece. (Photo: Business Wire

Farah Merhi is an outstanding family and family content creator. Her new inspires me! The home decoration lighting series includes Rochelle white drum chandeliers. (Photo: Business Wire)

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Lamps Plus, the largest professional lighting retailer in the United States, today announced the launch of the exclusive Inspire Me! The home decoration lighting series is curated by Farah Merhi, a well-known home furnishing expert, popular social media content creator, writer, entrepreneur and Inspire Me! founder Farah Merhi. Home decoration brand.

The new inspires me! The Home Decor lighting series is now available in and Lamps Plus retail stores in seven western states. The initial version of the series will contain 11 lamps; as well as gold-patterned lampshades and luxurious table lamps with lampshade patterns, all hand-selected by Merhi. The lighting is now available, and more products will be available before December 1.

Seeing motivates me! Home decoration lighting series on

In this video and photo, Farah Merhi introduces the series.

Under Merhi's planning and consultation, Lamps Plus is expected to add more lighting equipment to Inspire Me! 2022 home decoration series.

Merhi is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has established a product line business in her website, retail, and manufacturing partnerships. Encourage me! Home Decor lamps are exclusively manufactured by Lamps Plus.

"Farah Merhi and her inspire me! The Home Decor brand defines luxury and can bring an elegant touch to every family. We launched Inspire Me! Dennis Swanson, founder and CEO of Lamps Plus, said : "The home decoration lighting series utilizes her keen insight into luxury style and the daily expertise shared with a large audience. "Working with Farah for many years, we know that Farah's social media audience turns to her for achievable luxury inspiration. "

"When designing a room to set the tone and mood, lighting is absolutely crucial," Merhi said. "My preferred resource for most home lighting has always been Lamps Plus, so it must be the origin of my lighting series. Each lamp is designed to be a timeless statement piece, adding a'wow factor' to the room. "

Elegant and achievable collection

encourage me! The Home Decor lighting series showcases luxurious chandeliers and golden and crystal chandeliers, each of which is the focal point of the room. The styles are different, the design is unique, and it is full of luxury. The series includes a bronze chandelier decorated with crystals and a chandelier, which exudes a subtle warm golden light in the white drum lampshade.

There are two golden lampshade patterns on six different lamp holders for homeowners to easily add room decorations without the electrical work required to add lighting equipment.

Growth trend: collections of content creators

In recent years, the home furnishing industry has steadily grown in brand cooperation with celebrities, including content creators, celebrities, interior designers and artists, to provide their iconic product collections.

According to the AspireIQ 2021 Internet Celebrity Marketing State Report, 96% of creators want to establish a deeper relationship with the brand, including playing a role in improving their favorite brand products.

"Brands that collaborate with well-known influencers to plan product collections, regardless of the industry, can not only take advantage of the influencer’s unique tastes, but also the inherent audience eager to see new products and shop. By establishing true partnerships, this will produce Brand awareness and attractiveness," said Stacy DeBroff, an influence marketing expert and CEO and founder of Influence Central. "In the home furnishing field, we see fewer online celebrity product series than in the fashion field, but we expect this trend of web celebrity home product series to continue to grow in the coming year."

"The collection of content creators provides brands with the creator's perspective, authenticity, and opportunities to connect with their audience," said Angela Hsu, senior vice president of marketing and e-commerce at Lamps Plus. “With Farah’s ability to reach millions of women through her mobile phone every day, her social media is comparable to more traditional media, but it may have better audience measurement, frequent updates, and real-time communication between Farah and her audience. Interaction. The opportunities for consumers to rely on the advice of content creators and to purchase their collections continue to grow."

Farah's daily advice is loved by more than 9.5 million fans on social media. She created her first Instagram account @inspire_me_home_decor in 2012 and currently has 6.5 million followers to showcase her design inspiration. On @farahjmerhi, she shared personal photos and videos of her home to showcase decoration and food skills. Her TikTok channel @farahjmerhi has more than 1.9 million followers.

"Farah connects with her followers through insightful posts and engaging videos every day, which makes her content feel like tailored for each follower, making them feel that they have a direct relationship with her," Xu said. "Women rely on the daily advice Farah shared on social media to help them create a stylish and comfortable home. We have been working with Farah for many years to provide products for her home, so we decided that we should bring her style to the lighting. That's why We are going to release her Inspire Me! Home decoration lighting series."

Lamps Plus lamps can be seen everywhere in Mech's home.

Lamps Plus and Farah Merhi have established a partnership for more than five years, including her participation in the company's 2019-2020 brand ambassador program, which features Merhi as four other successful female content creators and interior designers .

Farah Merhi: CEO, mother and wife

Farah is an entrepreneur, content creator, fashion leader, expert and writer. Away from her various businesses, she is a wife, mother and daughter.

Merhi's home has its own unique personal style, which makes it both attractive and practical to her family (her husband, two teenage daughters and young sons). She is also building a new home for her family.

Through her book "Inspiring Your Home" published by Simon & Schuster in October 2019, Merhi shared her insights and photos of her home, providing advice and inspiration to homeowners.

Farah often appeared and contributed to the "Today Show" and was reported by The New York Times.

"My work is intertwined with my family life because I am sharing the experience of creating a happy home," Merhi said. "Although I have played multiple professional and personal roles, helping my family build an elegant home and a happy life is my top priority, and it is also the intersection of my work and personal life."

Lamps Plus was founded in 1976 and is headquartered in Los Angeles. It is the largest professional lighting retailer in the United States. It operates the booming e-commerce business and has 36 stores in the western United States. Lamps Plus provides a full range of lighting and household items, including exclusive patented designs and customizable lampshades and lamps customized by artisans. The company's employees trained by the American Lighting Association can provide expert advice.

Note: View photos of Farah and lights in this Dropbox folder.

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Light Plus announces a new exclusive to inspire me! Home decoration lighting series from home and home expert Farah Merhi.

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